Friday, June 28, 2013

love and music

It was past twelve midnight when my phone rang. It was barely an hour of sleep for me and I wonder who in this time would call me. It must be an emergency or something. To my biggest surprise I saw my prodigal (hehehe!) cousin’s number flashing at the screen. Why would he call me? He sounded worried and teary eyed on the other line so I have only one thing in mind, he is broken hearted! And I am right, my instinct never failed me. I managed to recall some of our conversations before. He even told me that he wanted to marry her, that she was all that he wanted. He even told me that he bought music stand at wwbw for their fifth year anniversary. I managed to ask why? He said nothing, he just found him self tired, and he wanted a break. I was just listening while having his monologue. I know he trust me, that’s why I am the first person that he phoned, so I am trying to think of the best advice that I could give him. Being older than him I know he expects me to shed some lights on him to somehow enlighten him. I never thought that I could be a Love Doctor! I lack training! But at the best of my ability I tried to be one for my so called prodigal cousin who seldom runs to me for such advice.

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