Monday, June 29, 2009

How To Become A Confident Photographer.

Thanks Alpha for sharing! :D

1. Keep a Notebook . . . or don’t

2. Shoot Frequently

3. Shoot in Different Conditions

4. Set Goals

5. Read

6. Ask Questions

7. Change Your Perspective
*Simply remember that no matter who you are or how celebrated you become, there will always be a zillion photographers better than you AND always a zillion worse. And guess what? It doesn’t matter a bit! Comparison is all about perspective, and that’s something you have complete and total control over. Rather than viewing another photographer’s work and feeling down because you feel incapable of taking shots like that, think “Wow! That’s a great shot! I’m so glad I now I know that shots like that are possible and I can start practicing and trying to figure out how!” How’s that for empowerment!! Instead of secretly begrudging the attention another photographer is receiving for their work, just think, “Wow, if I work really hard, I could get that kind of attention to MY art!”

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Monday is almost over, and I am still not doing enough work to compensate the day! Argh. Monday blues at its finest. I still need to search for Naples Fl custom doors my mom asked me to for the apartment doors that she's been planning to replace. A new project for her after having the lot fenced. But what she badly needs now is a supplier of iron gate that'll be use for the concrete fence. Which reminds me, I need to take a shot of the finished wall fence so my father can see it. Oh, will do that now - now I have work to be done! See yah laters!

This post supported by wooden garage doors

Sunday, June 28, 2009

relieve your stress

Stress is also considered the silent killer for most people because recurrence of it usually leads to major damage in human system. So what to do when stress strike?

The answer is simple – GET RID OF IT FAST!:)

Here are some ways to eliminate stress in your life.


Nothing relieves stress better than a good sweat. Getting a little exercise will allow all that pent up energy and bad feelings to go away. Take a long run or walk, play a game of basketball, or go for a long bike ride. Get active and the stress will melt away.


Meditating is a wonderful way to relieve stress. Lay down somewhere quiet and try focusing on one thing deeply. I try to focus on my breathing or a gray mist surrounding me. Keep focusing and do not let your mind wander. If you lose your focus, that’s all right your human. Just try to regain that focus. Before you know it you will feel the stress lifting. If you are really focused, you may even fall asleep. There’s nothing wrong with this. Meditation is like anything else it needs practice. Start of by trying to meditate for a couple of minutes without losing your focus and build up from there.


Next time you feel stress get a cup of tea. Black tea will lower your cortisol levels which mean lower stress. Go for a double stress reliever by having tea with a friend and talking.


Laughing is a know stress reliever. Laughing will take your mind of any problems you may have. The next time you feel stress, call a friend and see a comedy. Laugh it up and the stress will melt away.

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friday fillins


Graphic courtesy of Tonya! we go!

1. She had a great time with us!.

2. my daughter is by my side, always.

3. I know this: the more you shop, the more opps you'll get! hahahaha

4. i love you, still.

5. These words apply to me: early bird catches the early worm.

6. from the east - the sun was shining.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to chatting with my husband, tomorrow my plans include meeting up with friends and Sunday, I want to finish my pending tasks!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Having diabetes is a lifelong disease. It can get really crippling especially with complications arising from it. You can get kidney and heart complications not to mention your eyesight gradually deteriorating. I hope my parents won’t have it when they get older as it is a common ailment once you get old or else we would need to stock up on diabetes supplies from They offer offers 55,000 products, under 50 categories and hundreds of sub-categories with very affordable prices it is like getting things in retail. Founded in 1996, and now serving more than 1 million customers, Allegro Medical is one of the largest and most technologically advanced independently owned online retailers of life enhancing products in the United States.

More photography quotes

Maybe because it's entirely an artist's eye, patience and skill that makes an image and not his tools.
Ken Rockwell

By knowing a person, you know yourself. You become the person you photograph. You love that person as you love yourself. ~Anonymous

... a simple "love you."

“Photography, alone of the arts, seems perfected to serve the desire humans have for a moment - this very moment - to stay.”
-Sam Abell

You don't take a photograph, you make it.
-Ansel Adams

You don't take a photograph. You ask quietly, to borrow it. ~Author Unknown
“There is only you and your camera. The limitations in your photography are in yourself, for what we see is what we are.”
Ernst Haas

"There are two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer." ~Ansel Adams

"A photograph taken today is a lifetime of yesterdays preserved for all the tomorrows." - author unknown

A great photograph is a full expression of what one feels about what is being photographed in the deepest sense, and is, thereby, a true expression of what one feels about life in its entirety. ~Ansel Adams

"Color in a picture is like enthusiasm in Life." Vincent Van Gogh

inspiration goodness!

”Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life.” -- Picasso.

”The artist is a receptacle for emotions that come from all over the place: from the sky, from the earth, from a scrap of paper, from a passing shape, from a spider's web.” -- Picasso.

"Congratulate yourselves if you have done something strange and extravagant and broken the monotony of a decorous age."
-- Ralph Waldo Emerson



Have a great wednesday!

WW: Kiss


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Random Q's 23

1. Have you had a friend for many years​ and then they left just like that?​
:: yes
2. How loud do you listen to your music​?
:: it depends on my mood
3. What is more important:​ happiness or trust​?​
:: trust
4. Ever kissed someone else'​s girlfriend​/​boyfriend?​
:: nope
5. Do you take walks​ often​?​
:: not really
6. What were you doing​ at 1am this morning?​
:: sleeping
7. Last thing​ you did before bed last night​?
:: pray
8. You'​re thinking about​ someone,​ aren'​t you?
:: yes
9. How many people do you trust​?​
:: few
10. Why did your last relationship end?
:: hmmmm.... wrong timing.

Thanks Che.


Thursday quote

thanks to my friend Caryl for posting this :D it has been days of contemplating for me... you know, about life, my life, our life. And being able to read something like this thus really help me in finding my own self. Sooner or later I'm sure, I'll be what might have been.

Random Q's 21

1. What are you doing​ Sunday?​​
:: stayed at home. work.
2. Do you feel awkward when stran​gers say hi to you?
:: not at all
3. Is anyth​ing upset​ting you right​ now?
:: oh well, yeah
4. Have you ever seen someone you knew and purposely avoided seeing them?
:: yep!
5. Do you know anyone with such a terribly annoying voice that you can't even stand it?
:: oh yeah!
6. Any message for your ex love?
:: hahahahaha!
7. Do you announce when you have to pee?
:: sometimes
8. Do you give out second chances easily?
:: it depends
9. Have you ever cried from being so mad?
:: all the time!
10. Last time you read a text message and smiled?
:: earlier today. a forwarded joke message from a friend

Snagged from here.

Random Q's 22

1. Are promises important to you?
:: of course
2. Who was the last person to tell you they loved​ you?
:: my daughter
3. How many pierc​ings?
:: 2
4. Have you ever seen your own bone?​
:: nope
5. Are you stubborn?​
:: brat ;D
6. Any random drunk​ phone​ calls​ lately?​
:: nope
7. When'​s the last time you spoke​ to your last ex?
:: i wonder...
8. Ever drank​ in front​ of your girlfriend​/​boyfriends​ parents?​
:: yeah
9. Did anything "​cute"​ happened today​?
:: yep! yep! yep!
10. Did you ever waste​ too much time on a certain boy or girl?​
:: i think so. hmp.

Thanks Che.

Good life

Guess I'm really into sayings like these one....
Wall quote /Live in such a way
isn't so true? living a life that is good is one thing we should and must do.
though no one is forcing but being able to live a good life makes us feel good
and light - no worries at all.
And the fact that we will be able to meet our great maker once we're done with our contract here on earth :D


Cute Baby Gifts

I just love blogging about baby stuffs! Who doesn't?! You see, if given a chance, I'd probably create another blog that only talks about babies! From shopping personalized baby gifts online to the proper way of taking care of them, foods that they really need and of course, baby fashion! But since I don't have the luxury of time to make one, I'd just make use of my active blogs to write about the nicest finds I have all over the net.

Now here are some of the lovely personalized items or gift suggestions for babies. Perfect for baby showers, baptism and even birthdays! Sure to make a huge hit on the parents because of the personal touch and unique designs of every items. I only swiped three items from so I suggest you do click the link above and make waves by surfing the baby friendly site now! :D

Disco Dot Initial Blanket, BlanketsandBedding, Baby Products, Baby Shop

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Polar Fleece Jacket, Sweaters, Baby Products, Baby Shop

saturday 9

Saturday 9: I Want You Back

1. Where were you when you heard that Michael Jackson died? :: my friends send me text messages

2. How do you think that he will be remembered? :: moonwalk and his black and white attire

3. What was your favorite Jackson tune? :: She's Out of My Life

4. Did you watch the original Charlie’s Angels? :: nope!

5. Did someone you know have that poster of Farrah? :: nope

6. Did you consider her battle with cancer heroic? :: yes It was! really, for having it documented and all

friday 5

Here’s my Friday 5 entry for this week:

  1. Where do you get most of your information about current local events?
    :: Tv and on the Internet
  2. Where do you get most of your information about current national and international events?
    :: Internet and International news network
  3. Who in your family always is most likely to know what’s up with everyone else in your family?
    :: my mom
  4. Who at work (or school) always seems to know what’s going on?
    :: my friend Paula and Lovemela
  5. What other kinds of news do you try to keep up-to-date on and where do you get it?
    -:: friend's lives!

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Blurb about Airsoft Guns

I mentioned on my other site about my soon quest for cheap airsoft guns that will serve as my present to the husband. Thanks to for all the great help because I've been reading a lot stuff that has to do with this hobby. Little did I know that there are actually so many types and brands of such guns, who would have thought that an adult toy can really be like the real thing from the specs and even the entire facade! Was really amazed to be honest, it was indeed fun learning about things that is not usually within my horizon. Thanks to my desire to give my husband the gift that he would really appreciate! Now I only hope that my friend will be able to make this ordering and shipping happen! :D

Sunday, June 21, 2009

WS: Chewy!


Yummy chewy cookies we had yesterday! I know, sugar overload for my daughter and me! But can't help but indulge once in a while ;)

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DKNY Watches 4 Sale!

looking for really nice fashionable watch just like the one in the photo?! email me! still have lots of designs and brands (fossil,coach,kenneth cole) to choose from! :D

To all ya' great dads....

rock and roll!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

cutie beddings!

I was searching for dainty Baby Bedding Sets for my daughter since last week. Because it has been ages since the last time I bought her bed sheets for her bed ( it's actually her baby crib that can eventually be a toddler's bed) and I notice that the designs of her sheets are so out dated that is why the husband and I agreed on getting a few sets for our daughter. And then I found that has every mom's dream for her child's bedding stuff! I actually dig the designer lady bug set that includes
  • 1 Baby Crib Quilt
  • 4 piece Baby Crib Bumper
  • 1 Baby Crib Fitted Sheet
  • 1 Baby Crib Skirt (Dust Ruffle)
  • 2 extra wide Window Valances
  • 1 Diaper Stacker
  • 1 Toy Organizer
  • 1 Decorative Pillow
and it has Free matching high quality hand made zipper bag with handle! just look at the picture below, lovely isn't?!

for RM

So there, this will perfectly fit her toddler bed and and I'm sure my daughter will truly heart the designs since she also likes cute prints such as this one. And by the way, the site accepts paypal payments too! hooray for us! it'll probably be a hit to my online friends who prefers paying by using paypal, since it is the safest and fastest way to pay for online shops.
Now I just have the husband if we'll go for the design or choose another one and most likely ask our little brat to choose which she likes best. And who knows, we might get both designs if she say so! one lucky girl she is!

WW: Excited! :D


ms. LBC

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Diamond Blings

I happen to find a site thar are selling out beautiful and real fine jewelry online. JR Dunn online store are selling out tacori engagement rings and other jewelries, so for those who wanted to buy or canvass for one, you can just click on their site and see the wonderful array of classic and sassy real jewelries! Anyways, when I was about to leave the site I was able to read the price beside the attractive photos, and gosh i was surprised! really, I never thought that this pricey looking jewelries would fit ones budget. I mean, i would love to have one of this. in the future. i'm glad that i am a minimalist when it comes to fashion and accessorizing myself, that is why here are my two picks amongst the many styles available, and again, this styles of pendents are believe it or not you can actually save up for a style or two if you really wantd. The style and design doesn't give justice to the price. but yes, it is affordable. It makes me wonder how much is left on my paypal after all those shopping sprees I made. It actually made me guilty on buying too many stuff, that if only I save earlier, I maybe able to buy even the most cheapest diamond ring on the site.

calla lily b

michael m ring crown ring -

men's scott

Thursday, June 11, 2009

music and me

I was never a boob tube addict. Although there were times that I was glued on televisions every once in a while to watch series during my high school days. But most of the time, you'll see me just listening to my favorite radio station or playing my cd collections. It was actually how I survived my college days, wallowing to music. Actually, my friends are all into music, until now we still share our play lists and exchange music video links over the net. A fun thing to do really especially if you have group of friends who shares the same interest with you! Surely a fun way to enjoy what you love doing!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


A friend will soon be transferring from one State to another because of her work, and I heard she's going to use the moving company for her moving needs. I heard that this is one famous company that do most effective and efficient packing, storing, moving and even un packing of ones or family's stuffs. It is the most favored moving company because the trust their clients can give them, no worries of items being damage or ruined, unlike using other cheaply priced moving vans, offering so many add ons but in the end cannot meet their client's expectations. Money is being waste if you chose to get the affordable ones but doesn't have a very good reputation on their business, but if you rely on the one that is known for their efficiency and their extra care and effort to all the client's belongings, in the long run, it'll make you realize that you, as a matter of fact just made a very right decision on getting them. So there, I'm just waiting when will my friend will start the transfer, I heard she'll be sending some stuffs for the holidays too!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

I used to dream

There was even a point in my life that I dreamed of becoming a tour guide myself, you know, free travel and all its perks, sounds neat right? But of course, I didn't end up one. Anyways, that is why when I was already working and whenever we have a company excursion, I would always ask if we will have one of those comfy coasters or bus for our trips. I would gladly sit in front to clearly hear what the guide would say about the different places and stories he or she is about to tell. Super fun! Until we were able to experience one of the most unbelievable guide during our last trip, who I think doesn't even know more than three facts about the place we are touring! We were so dissapointed, he was like the most unthinkable tour guide ever! And the bus itself was a disaster! poor airconditioning and it even conked up twice during our trip. Super unlucky. If only we have this New York Bus Charter or even close to this famous transportation company, our trips and tours will be heaven like! Do you know that this transportation industry has been in the business for more than 20 years already and known for its favorable customer satisfaction, clean and well maintained vehicles and on time service!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Yes I am!!!

Blogging! :D You notice too?! well, i'm on my blogging mood since this morning, thanks to my iced coffee fix and the happy thoughts I was able to brought along my sleep last night! Thanks to ever reliable sleep number bed!
You see, it was a totally different story for I was so devastated yesterday, not in my usual mood actually plus my daughter has been so cranky and she wants to be carried all the time! read: whole day she was so clingy - though it equals a whole day of arms weight exercise! Anyways, it was also last night when I felt so strange, my heart starts to palpitate and I wasn't able to breathe for some time... it took me a while to relax and feel ok. I guess it's from the new brand of coffee I drank in the afternoon. Weird feeling it was which made me promise not to drink Kopiko 3in1 coffee mix again! lol

Wrong Spelled

Again... the usual thing that barristas do with my name on my drink. I wonder when they'll be able to make it right ;p but it's ok! no prob with that all... as long I get my fave iced coffee drink and i'm fine ... whew, now this post makes me wanna sip another one of this! I heard Starbucks is soon be having a branch near us! I wonder how true is that... but I do hope it's for real! :D can't wait!!!!


Twilight and the MTV Movie Awards


So they won the BEST KISS for this year.... no one cared to object because theirs was the hottest! hep,hep - don't you dare react. this is my blog. i say what i want to say. if you don't agree with me, leave.

So there, it was Twilight's night last May 31 at the 18th annual MTV movie awards... it was one of a kind treat for the eyes of those who love and dig this saga... and the fact that the official trailer of NEW MOON was shown during the show makes it more special! I sooooo love it!

Anyways, Rob Pattinson also won his award for Breakthrough Performance Male. No doubt! woot woot! and yeah, Kristen Steward won her award for Best Female Performance


and of course as expected TWILIGHT won the Best Movie :D


Battery Almost Gone?

I was just doin' my usual blog hopping when I saw this post from Alpha's blog... so I thought of snagging this so to share with you too :D

So if it happens that your camera's battery is almost about to drain, here are 8 things to do so you can make use of what is left! you see, I'm one of those who often have this uncalled for scenario, which makes me feel so sad especially if there are still some things that could have been great to snap! Now here's the list:

1. Think About Your Shot First
2. Turn Off Auto Focus
3. Turn Off The Review Feature
4. If Your Camera Has A Viewfinder, Use It
5. Turn off Image Stabilization
6. Power Off Your Camera When Not In Use
7. Don’t Transfer Pictures
8. Increase ISO To Lessen Flash Use
The Most Important Tip: Relax!

{full article here}

couple plan

The husband and I always talk about our plan for a quick holiday getaway this coming summer season, since it has been ages the last time we went out for an atleast three days vacation. That is why, I keep on browsing a friend's site that offers available for grabs in different beautiful locations. And also, since I've been browsing local spots because that is where our budget can get as of the moment, but who knows in the next couple of years, when we already have enough savings that can get us to one of our dream vacation country, like those that offers affordable family vacation We first here the story behind the beautiful getaway destination through my dad who already had an experience vacationing on that island, he says that there are so many awesome resorts to choose from once you are there, and only enjoyment and relaxation is what you will feel there.And yeah, thanks to the information that was featured by

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

WW: Playing Bubbles


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

new moon the movie

new moon

Yes, I do love the saga but this second part is the least I dig. But nevertheless, my friends and I can't wait for November to come and this movie to be shown! Call me fanatic, but who cares?! I love Edward! lol. And guess what, yesterday I was able to watch the most awaited trailer of this lovely film and for me, I think this will washed out Twilight! it definitely was well delivered showing the best parts of the story book. And Bela is not so lame and pale this time, she has more color! Edward, though I believe he'll be out of the scenes most of the time is worth waiting for at the end... he is definitely at his yummyness! bwahahahaha But Jacob?! totally different story! he is so buff and tan!! ooh-la-la is the best word to describe him! (look at the new transitioned Jacob below... and his wolf side - such a cutie instead of menacing) will I be turning to team Jacob now?! not! lol.
I think I can pass for a position in
sales training agent for I can make you watch this movie! lol

Taylor Lautner

Jacob as a Werewolf

new moon2.jpg

I love this scene... it could be better if I'm the one with Edward eh? hahahaha! dreaming on...

walk on red with me | Desenvolvido por EMPORIUM DIGITAL