Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Cute Baby Gifts

I just love blogging about baby stuffs! Who doesn't?! You see, if given a chance, I'd probably create another blog that only talks about babies! From shopping personalized baby gifts online to the proper way of taking care of them, foods that they really need and of course, baby fashion! But since I don't have the luxury of time to make one, I'd just make use of my active blogs to write about the nicest finds I have all over the net.

Now here are some of the lovely personalized items or gift suggestions for babies. Perfect for baby showers, baptism and even birthdays! Sure to make a huge hit on the parents because of the personal touch and unique designs of every items. I only swiped three items from so I suggest you do click the link above and make waves by surfing the baby friendly site now! :D

Disco Dot Initial Blanket, BlanketsandBedding, Baby Products, Baby Shop

Vintage-Style Paper Nightlight, D├ęcor, Baby Products, Baby Shop

Polar Fleece Jacket, Sweaters, Baby Products, Baby Shop

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