Thursday, June 4, 2009

Battery Almost Gone?

I was just doin' my usual blog hopping when I saw this post from Alpha's blog... so I thought of snagging this so to share with you too :D

So if it happens that your camera's battery is almost about to drain, here are 8 things to do so you can make use of what is left! you see, I'm one of those who often have this uncalled for scenario, which makes me feel so sad especially if there are still some things that could have been great to snap! Now here's the list:

1. Think About Your Shot First
2. Turn Off Auto Focus
3. Turn Off The Review Feature
4. If Your Camera Has A Viewfinder, Use It
5. Turn off Image Stabilization
6. Power Off Your Camera When Not In Use
7. Don’t Transfer Pictures
8. Increase ISO To Lessen Flash Use
The Most Important Tip: Relax!

{full article here}

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